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Small Business Resources

This section, Small Business Resources, are vetted resources available to help you take your business to the next level.  

Thinking about starting a podcast?
Audiographies could be your match! With a pandemic-friendly approach, check out the options available for first time podcasts!

Need a photographer?

Angela's calendar fills quickly! She's out of Woodstock, GA and her team has awesome Social Media subscriptions to help you manage your marketing.

*Ready to scale your business responsibly and abundantly?
The most successful entrepreneurs have financial visibility, strategy and support in place so they can thrive in their zone of genius and build a profitable business around the lifestyle they desire.  Click here to see how Bridgette Boucha, CFO, and her team help scaling entrepreneurs ($250k+ revenue) achieve their personal, professional and financial goals using their business finances as their vehicle.

Bridgette Boucha, CPA

Bridgette Boucha, CPA

Founder, The Betterment Project

Financial UniCROWN

CFO for the scaling entrepreneur

Simplify your money.  AMPLIFY your impact.  As an entrepreneur herself, Bridgette recognized very quickly the amazing spirit, passion and drive demonstrated by her network of fellow entrepreneurs.   Each of them deliver such unique gifts to the world, using their business as their vehicle, yet, many of them were missing one critical piece of the puzzle: FINANCIAL STRATEGY.  They didn’t know their numbers; heck, they didn’t even LIKE numbers.  The most successful entrepreneurs have systems and support teams in place that allow them the creative space to deliver unforgettable experiences. The Financial UniCROWNS team creates that space by providing financial frameworks, profitability coaching, scalable strategies and money mentorship.  As a business owner, you deserve to run a profitable business while living a fuller life.  Money is a renewable resource; time is not.  Don't let your fear of money be greater than your desire to make an impact.  For information about working with Bridgette and her team, visit her website.

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